Whitepaper v1.1
Each $SRT3 token represents one voting power in the Secret3 DAO. Members of the DAO are responsible for keeping each other in check, and ensuring that the platform remains decentralised, fair and trustful.
Governance In order to be considered a DAO member, you are required to have at least 1 $SRT3 token. Votes can be proposed in matters of content, partnerships and treasury management. Advertising Payment Advertisers pay USDT for ad placements, publishing press releases, and the promotion of ad articles on the platform. 100% of all revenue (including Google AdSense) will be automatically transferred to the DAO treasury. Deals DAO members have exclusive access to web3 deals submitted to the platform. These deals are often brokered by delegates. These deals include trading fee discounts on exchanges, discounts/credits for web3 products and services, NFT whitelists and more. Content Delegates are responsible for hiring editors to create and curate content on the platform. All DAO members are able to submit content to the site under the "DAO" category, subject to prevailing guidelines. DAO roles are as follows:
1x $SRT3 token
Able to vote, able to receive all member perks
Must be a member & promoted by a delegate
Manage content on
Development Partner
Must be a member & promoted by a delegate
Manage codebase of apps and dApps
Ecosystem Partner
Must be a member & promoted by a delegate
Source deals and partnerships for holders
Voted in by DAO members
Manage all stakeholders
Delegates are voted in by DAO members to perform two key roles: manage all stakeholders and grow the treasury. Delegates can choose to remain publicly anonymous but must be doxxed amongst other delegates.
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