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Litepaper v1

1. Overview

The media, encompassing print, radio, television, and now digital channels, has historically held profound influence over societal perceptions and behaviors. Despite the multitude of platforms, a centralization trend has seen a few conglomerates dominate the narrative, sometimes overshadowing marginalized voices and fostering homogeneous content. This centralization, combined with the ability of media to set agendas, frame issues, and shape cultural norms, has amplified its impact on public opinion. Web3 represents the next phase in the evolution of the internet, emphasizing decentralized protocols and technologies, primarily powered by blockchain. Unlike the conventional internet (often referred to as web2), where platforms and services are controlled by centralized entities, web3 advocates for a user-centric model where individuals have control over their content, identities, and data. In the media landscape, web3 has the potential to revolutionize content creation, distribution, and consumption. Traditional media, often governed by a few conglomerates, faces criticisms of bias, lack of representation, and sometimes, the propagation of misinformation. Web3 can introduce decentralized media platforms where content is curated and approved by a community rather than a singular authority. This decentralized approach can lead to a more diverse representation of voices and narratives. Moreover, the transparency of blockchain can ensure content authenticity and traceability, providing an avenue for readers or viewers to verify sources and information.

2. Problem

In an era where web3 emphasizes decentralization and user-centric control, it's paradoxical that insights into these decentralized innovations are often relayed through centralized media gatekeepers. Secret3 seeks to address this incongruity by emerging as a DAO-managed media platform, leveraging a DAO for community-driven web3 content.

3. Solution

A web3 media platform steered by a DAO, with content directionality determined by 1,000 governance NFTs.

4. Proposed Governance Structure

Establishing a DAO dedicated to content curation and oversight. The DAO's core responsibility is to steward content on the platform. DAO members collaborate to uphold integrity, ensuring the content reflects the principles of decentralization, fairness, and trustworthiness.

4a. Membership

To secure membership within the Secret3 DAO, one must possess at least one of the 1,000 NFT tokens. Ownership of this token endows its holder with the privilege to partake in decision-making and engage in various DAO-related functions.

4b. Tokenomics

Private Sale
Public Sale
KOL Distribution (Soulbound)*
Founding Team & Partners

5. Content Management Protocol

A distributed mechanism allows DAO members to submit content, which is then ratified through a DAO-based voting system.

5a. Content Submission

DAO members have the right to post content to the platform via the protocol. Every piece of content undergoes a voting process before publication.

5b. Voting

Content submission is managed via a democratic voting process, where endorsement of content is not dictated by a select few, but is mandated through a majority vote within the DAO. This process ensures that the content showcased on our platform is in harmony with predefined content standards, reflecting the collective values and principles of our community. Through this decentralized editorial oversight, the platform not only guarantees the authenticity and quality of content but also nurtures a space where diverse perspectives thrive, underlined by a shared commitment to decentralization, fairness, and trustworthiness
5c. Revenue Allocation
The protocol ensures a fair and incentivizing revenue distribution model, aligning the economic interests of the platform with the active participation of the community. A substantial 30% of the platform's revenue is allocated to DAO authors, contributors, and voters, based on a performance scoreboard system. This system not only rewards content creation but also the vital roles of contribution and engagement within the DAO, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem where every active participant shares the financial benefits of the platform's success..

6. Roadmap

Platform Launch
Official launch of the platform
Private Sale
Invite only mint
KOL Airdrop
We will airdrop NFTs to prominent web3 KOLs.
Public Sale
Public whitelisted mint

7. Conclusion

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Secret3 stands at the forefront, pioneering a media platform that truly embodies the principles of web3. By merging blockchain's inherent transparency with the democratic ethos of a DAO, we're reshaping the way content is both curated and consumed. This isn't just a technological shift; it's a paradigm shift towards a more equitable and representative media. The power lies not just with a few, but with the collective. Power to the people. Join us in scripting this new narrative.
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