Secret3 tackles centralization and lack of diversity in media by offering a decentralized platform that celebrates web3 culture and empowers users to shape the narrative. The platform combines traditional governance with a DAO to ensure stability and decentralization.

The native token, BOOK OF SECRET ($BOSE), encourages participation and engagement. $BOSE holders can actively contribute by posting diverse content, including news, opinions, and discussions on various topics, ensuring an inclusive environment with multiple perspectives. All content submissions are subject to DAO voting, where $BOSE holders determine which articles are published on the platform. This democratic process ensures that only the most engaging and relevant content is featured, while also mitigating the spread of misinformation and biased content.

For those who prefer a more passive role, simply holding $BOSE allows them to be part of the culture movement and support the growth of the decentralized media ecosystem. How it works:

  1. Submit your article on the DAO platform (cost $BOSE)

  2. Token holder engage in discussions and cast their votes on the submission

  3. Should the article garner sufficient votes (>70%), it will be published on IPFS and on

  4. You receive back your initial $BOSE + compensation from our DAO treasury

  5. Should the article garner insufficient votes, your $BOSE will be forfeited to the DAO treasury

A self-sustaining cycle where the collective creation of quality content attracts more viewers, which in turn could attract new $BOSE holders. These new holders may then contribute to the creation of additional quality content, perpetuating the cycle.

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